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Comparative Analysis of McDonalds and KFC

Comparative Analysis of McDonalds and KFC 

Fast foods are common in various places in the world. There are different restaurants that provide the fast foods for the customers. The fast foods are delicious but they are more dangerous and hazardous upon the health. Eating much fast food can lead to the increase of obesity and the cardiovascular diseases. Many people especially children love eating the fast foods because of their deliciousness and quickness. KFC and MacDonald are the main prominent fast foods restaurants in the world. KFC and MacDonald have some similarities and differences.

Children Meals:

Both KFC and MacDonald provide meals for the children. MacDonald is more attractive for the children than KFC. The previous company provides some meals and toys in order to attract the attention of the customers especially the children. MacDonald may offer balloons and some toys in which the children are more interested. Furthermore, there is a worker in Macdonald that play with the children who visit the restaurant.

Service and Food Quality:

The service of MacDonald and KFC is different. Although MacDonald and KFC provide the same products (fast foods), the taste and flavor of both companies are different. Additionally, Macdonald sells hamburgers and nuggets to the customers while KFC does not serve this type of foods. On the other hand, although both companies provide the home delivery services, KFC is considered quicker than Macdonald.

Variety of Foods:

Additionally, Macdonald offers variety of foods. MacDonald provides the nuggets, fried chicken, and chicken nuggets while KFC offers only fried chicken. KFC offers only Pepsi as the main beverage while MacDonald offers different types of beverages and drinking. Thus, Macdonald is better than KFC in the variety of foods and beverage offered to the customers. KFC serves the breakfast option for the interested customers but Macdonald does not offer this service.


Thus, although Macdonald and KFC are fast food providers, they have some differences. KFC and Macdonald may offer different hazards to health because of oil and fats in both companies. They are international companies as they have different branches in the world. Frankly, people especially children should refrain from eating fast foods because of their dangerous impacts including obesity and diabetes. Fast foods are dangerous and problematic type of foods.

Comparative Analysis of McDonalds and KFC
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